Bianca, who had a profound love for learning and eagerly anticipated her Jacksonville University experience on a full scholarship, was posthumously honored in 2021 with an Honorary Degree alongside what would have been her graduating class. The Foundation takes pride in fostering Bianca’s enthusiasm for education through its scholarship program.


Bianca embraced a sense of community, championing the ideals of helping and supporting others. She believed in the contagious nature of positive energy. Even before commencing their freshman year, Bianca had connected with her classmates at Jacksonville University.  After Bianca’s murder her classmates coined the mantra “JUst Be Kind,” reflecting their commitment to kindness. The Foundation shares this belief in grassroots efforts and community engagement as a means to educate, drive change, and extend help to others.


Grief often remains overlooked until it becomes a part of one’s immediate world. Unfortunately, there’s limited education on navigating grief, supporting those affected, or simply being present for someone processing loss. Managing grief is a unique journey with no one-size-fits-all approach. Those who have endured the loss of a child, or both, gain insights into the complexities of grief over time.