Empowering youth in our communities through education and awareness to prevent gun violence is a collective responsibility. Let’s unite and inspire positive change for a safer future.

Established in 2018, The Bianca Nikol Merge With Mercy Foundation honors the memory of 18-year-old Bianca Nikol Roberson.

Bianca tragically lost her life in a senseless act of gun violence while driving home from a college shopping trip before heading to Jacksonville University on a full scholarship. Having recently graduated from Bayard Rustin High School, Bianca’s promising future was abruptly cut short by an unforeseen act of cruelty. Her murderer, driven by hate, took a devastating turn by firing a loaded handgun at her as they merged on the roadway, robbing her of the chance to pursue her dreams.

The foundation seeks to merge compassion with justice, working towards a world where senseless acts of gun violence are replaced by understanding, empathy, and opportunities for young individuals like Bianca.

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Sometimes we are forced to process emotions we never considered possible.

A Little Bit about Bianca Nikol

Bianca lost her brother – her only sibling – just before starting her freshman year of high school. She had every excuse not to focus, not to care, to feel sad and defeated. Instead, Bianca chose to persist, to persevere, to be patient with herself. Her friends describe her as always good energy, happy, full of jokes and wanting to cheer people up and spread her contagious energy. Her teachers respected her as a serious student. She was the light of her parents’ lives.

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