Bianca Nikol Roberson, an 18-year-old recent graduate of Rustin High School, had just received a full 4-year merit scholarship to Jacksonville University in Florida. However, tragedy struck just two weeks after her graduation. On June 28th, 2017, while driving home from a shopping trip with her mother and grandmother to prepare for her freshman orientation at Jacksonville University, Bianca was senselessly murdered in a horrific act of road rage.

As she merged from  RT 100 onto 202, a white male in a large red Silverado truck pulled up beside her and fired a 9mm gun, hitting Bianca in the left side of her head. The shooter’s actions resulted in the untimely and tragic loss of Bianca, leaving her mother to endure the pain of losing her second child, following the death of her son Mykel Rowley three years earlier due to Muscular Dystrophy.

Bianca’s mother, still grappling with the immense loss and pain, is committed to honoring her daughter by creating a foundation to address senseless gun violence. She hopes to create a world where our children can drive without fear of suffering a similar fate, despite the ongoing agony she faces on a daily basis.

The tragic loss of Bianca has left a void in the hearts of many, but her mother’s determination to create positive change in her memory serves as a testament to the strength and grace that shines through the darkest of times. Through her actions, she aims to make a lasting impact and ensure that Bianca’s legacy lives on in the fight against senseless violence.